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Great things are accomplished from scratch

On March 1, 1930, Erwin Lorinser, a German automobile mechanic, founded his own independent automobile company out of love for cars, and it was precisely because of this love that he achieved greatness. Erwin Lorinser's outstanding ability, dedication, and courageous attitude won him high praise from the times, and was widely spread. The reputation of Erwin Lorinser was such that Daimler Benz AG granted him the authorization of "Dealer for Private and Commercial Vehicles", as well as the commissioning of vehicle repairs and services, making him an authorized Daimler Benz dealer.


A world of honor, where the stars shine

As a top brand in the high-end customized car industry, Lorenz has dealers in more than 40 countries around the world, with products in Europe, America and Asia, and a huge number of enthusiasts, including familiar celebrity superstars: Bernie Ecclestone, Nikki Lauda, Alan Prost, Paul Tracy, Shaquille O'Neal, Denzel Washington, Sharon Stone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Designer

Before upgrading and customizing a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, Lorenz will redefine the vehicle according to the characteristics and usage of each vehicle. On the basis of the original safety structure, Lorenz will carry out a 6-dimensional design for the exterior and interior in terms of safety, stability, health, comfort, intelligence and aesthetics, which will not only give the vehicle an appearance full of personality and passion, but also give the vehicle a simple, atmospheric, low-key and introverted temperament. Today, Lorenz has become a world-renowned brand of high-end customization for Mercedes-Benz cars.


A visionary, a legend in his own right

In 1974, Manfred Lorinser took over the reins of Lorenz from his father Erwin Lorinser and became the new Managing Director. At a time when Lorenz was growing at a fast pace and had gradually become the largest Mercedes-Benz dealer in Germany, Manfred Lorinser was not satisfied with his immediate success. With the growing popularity of Mercedes-Benz cars, owning a unique vehicle would become the need of the hour.


Lorinser China

As early as 1995, Lorenz has entered the Chinese market, which is the first of many Mercedes-Benz custom brands to enter the country. It was advertised and sold under the name "Laurenz". However, it is limited by factors such as the market, the economy and consumers' perception of customized cars. Lorenz is not widely known. The road to development in China is difficult.

With the arrival of the 21st century, Lorenz also welcomed its third general manager, Marcus Lorinser, in 2006. At the same time, with the vigorous development of China's economy, the high-end custom car market has gradually emerged, and the demand of domestic consumers for custom cars has gradually increased. Marcus Lorinser visited China many times to understand the market and was determined to bring the Lorenz brand back to China.



Debut of GS600 TIANYUE

At the 20th Shanghai International Auto Show, the Lorenz ultra-luxury SUV Tian Yue made its world debut.


Debut of VS600MX WANLIU·Seven-seater

On August 18, 2022, VS600MX WANLIU·Seven-seater debuted in Hangzhou. 


Germany Lorinser and Lorinser (Asia-Pacific) perpetual cooperative business.

The times masterpiece WANLIU·Four-seater shockingly launched.


A new era for MPVs

New sky series commercial vehicle TIANJI | TIANMU launched.


Debut of Maybach Duplex Limited Edition

In April 2019, Marcus Lorinser was on hand to witness the debut of the Maybach S650 Duplex Limited Edition.


Debut of Maybach and Smart Model Business Cars

In September 2018,  the Maybach S650 and Smart Model Business Vehicle made their debut.


VS Series Commercial Vehicles Launched

Lorinser launched the VS series of commercial vehicle models to further expand the brand's influence.


First commercial vehicle MS500 launched.

In 2016, Lorinser launched its first commercial vehicle, the MS500, which had great success.


Lorinser (China) was established.

Lorinser and Suzhou Zhonghang Zhongzhen reached a strategic cooperation and Lorinser (China) was officially established.


Impressive record of victory over the group

Lorinser has achieved outstanding results in many editions of the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM).


Increased power and excitement

Lorinser developed the race-bred LV8, tuning the original 6.2-liter engine to increase horsepower to 500 and reduce 0-100km/h acceleration to 4.3 seconds.


The new master took office.

In 2006, Marcus Lorinser was determined to bring the Lorinser brand back to China.


A New Chapter

Lorinser opened a new factory  in Weiblingen, which meant a new chapter for Lorinser Automotive in the vehicle conversion and sales segment.


Lorinser entered China

Lorinser entered the Chinese market in 1995 and was the first of many Mercedes-Benz customized brands to enter the country.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Designer

Lorinser redefines the vehicle according to the characteristics and purpose of each vehicle, while maintaining the original safety architecture.


Pioneer of Mercedes-Benz high-end customization

In 1976, a new Lorinser Sport service was added, specializing in the upgrading and customization of Mercedes-Benz.


Rapid Development

At this time Lorinser was in a period of rapid growth and gradually grew to become the largest Mercedes-Benz dealer in Germany.


The birth of Lorinser

On March 1, 1930, out of his love for cars, German auto mechanic Erwin Lorinser founded his own independent automobile company.

Mercedes-Benz Authorized Dealer

Erwin Lorinser became the earliest authorized dealer of Daimler-Benz with his outstanding ability, dedication and courageous attitude.